Friday, January 15, 2016

RockWork the Ubuntu clockwork for the Pebble smartwatch

RockWork is a community driven project that aims to provide an open-source unofficial app to be able to use a Pebble smartwatch on an Ubuntu phone/device.

You can find it on Launchpad here:

So far this is what it looks like, I am using it with my Pebble Classic watch and it is installed on my BQ Acquaris E4.5

You  connect your Pebble watch to your Ubuntu device using bluetooth.
You can manage notifications by deciding witch ones to activate...

install apps directly from the app and manage their settings...


manage wathcfaces...


and screenshots of your Pebble dispaly that you can then share on social media, e-mail or SMS.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ubuntu Phone update: OTA 8

The next OTA,  OTA 8  is due to land in the next day or two:

This is what we will find in it:

  • New weather application
  •  Improved Contacts sync (implements a new syncronisation engine)
  • The sound indicator now provides audio playback controls - currently play and pause only, skip forward/skip backward to follow
  • New Twitter scope includes the ability to tweet, comment, follow and unfollow
  • New Book aggregator scope, with lots of regional content
  •  The OTA version is now reported in Settings > About this phone
  • Location service now additionally provides location and heading information
  • Web browser now includes:
    • Media access permissions for sites
    • Top level bookmarks view
    • Thumbnails and grid view for Top Sites page
  • Ubuntu store: QtPurchasing based in-app-purchases(currently in pilot mode)
  • Various bug fix details can be found here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quick trick for Ubuntu Phone: how to turn your Ubuntu Phone into an ftp server

Did you know that Ubuntu Phone has a cool app that turns your phone into an ftp server ?

Well this app is called WifiTransfer, and it is easy to install.
You search for "Wifi transfer" in the Ubuntu Store

Select the app and click on install

Once installed  you will be able to transfer files to and from you Desktop PC and your Phone in a flash.

When you open the app click on "Turn on WifiTransfer"

and you will be able to transfer files to and from you Desktop PC and Phone browsing the network with Nautilus or using the "connect to server" function of File Manager:

Quick trick for Ubuntu Phone: how to turn on Hotspot feature

One of many Ubuntu Phone's cool features is the Hotspot one.
You can turn on this feature quickly and easily.

In system settings you tap on"Hotspot"

and enter the Hotspot feature settings:

You just have to tap on "change password/setup", enter a Hotspot name and a key that has to be at least 8 characters long and then tap on the save button.

After this, turning on and off the Hotspot feature is just a matter of swiping down from the network indicator and tapping on a checkbox :-).

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

Mycroft, An  Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone project, is the world's first open source, open hardware home A.I. platform. It is a state of the art A.I. based on Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino,  three of the world’s most popular open development platforms and you can find it on Kickstarter here:

There are only 4 days to go to the end of the project and there is $93,955 pledged of $99,000 goal, so please backup this project it would really be a pitty that it will not reach it's gaol, if it does, the Mycroft developers  will release Mycroft software to control your Linux desktop:

Mycroft's AI Could Power Ubuntu's Unity and Give Users Voice Control

More on the project here:

Meet Mycroft: Open Source Artificial Intelligence Powered by Snappy
Snappy Ubuntu + Mycroft = Love
Checkout Mycroft powered by Snappy Core  


Monday, August 10, 2015

Ubuntu Phone India launch

Hello everyone, 

Got some fresh news on the launch of Ubuntu Phone devices in India.
Canonical just held a couple of hangouts with us, Ubuntu Insiders, to share some news on the launch of Ubuntu Phones in India.

BQ will be launching the same two European devices:
- BQ Aquaris E4.5:    and 

with black variant in India on snapdeal site, 2 weeks after launch there will be an Ubuntu Store on Snapdeal where other Ubuntu products will be available.

We haven't got a precise date for the launch, but it will happen probably in the next two weeks.

For the Indian launch, Ubuntu Phone will not be released on devices with a specific Indian image but there will be specific apps content available from an Indian specific app store.

There will also be sources relevant to India to be put in aggregate scopes, you will be able to tag feeds so to put them in specific scopes, and tag scopes so to make them come out in the right aggregator scope.

For the moment there is not  specific content for India on the nearby scope, but  there will be a new cricket aggregator, Indian-specific news (NDTV, TOI) and a Bollywood scope.

Aggregate scopes allow brand owners and developers to bring their content to the end user.

Lately there has been news about BQ selling devices with Ubuntu Phone installed world wide, but for the US there are radio limitations so the device will not work everywhere, Canonical still has to find a partner to sell device in the US.

OTA's will be released with a 6 week cadence.
In the next OTA (OTA 6) there will be improvements for web apps (web apps will not have to be second hand apps for developers), accelerometer, push notifications, camera, connectivity, better social integration,  further pluginspower management and increasing performance.

Other work in progress is being able to watch videos and play media in scopes, have sound controls in the indicators, improve synchronization for calendar and contacts, improvements on bluetooth profiles (audio and monitor plugging in).

We are going towards convergence, we will probably have some convergence features in OTA 7.

Thats all for the moment :-).

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's test Ubuntu Phone's Wi-Fi Hotspots (internet tethering) feature

In system settings under "cellular"
 the new "Wi-Fi" hotspot feature

Enabling Hotspot feature

Hot spot feature settings

We have a brand new Wi-Fi Hotspots (internet tethering) feature that's about to land in Ubuntu Phone with OTA-6.
I know a lot of persons that have been waiting for this feature eagerly.
So let's see how easy it is to help out testing it :-).
You can test this feature on  both Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) and Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) based phone images

First you need to enable "Developer mode" on your Ubuntu Phone, to do this you go to system settings, "About this phone", swipe down right to the bottom and tap on "Developer mode", on the Developer mode page turn on "Developer mode" switch:

Now let's connect the phone to your Ubuntu desktop PC with a USB cable and in terminal write:

citrain device-upgrade <silo #> <pin/password on device>

so for testing this feature the command will be:

citrain device-upgrade  46 0000

where 0000 is your device's pin or password and 46 is the silo number.

If you don't have the phablet-tools-citrain package installed you need to:

sudo apt install phablet-tools-citrain 

Now to start the hotspot: 

  1. Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled.
  2. Go to System Settings -> Mobile/Cellular​
  3. Tap “Wi-Fi hotspot”
  4. Set up your hotspot
  5. Enable it.
If you hit an issue, here's how to report it:

- ​A client can't see the hotspot or the hotspot does not work:​
  * File against:

​* Please attach /var/log/syslog as well as ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log

- There's a problem with the System Settings UI:
  * File against:

  * ​Please attach log files which you'll find here: ~/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log​

Enjoy testing :-D.