Friday, January 15, 2016

RockWork the Ubuntu clockwork for the Pebble smartwatch

RockWork is a community driven project that aims to provide an open-source unofficial app to be able to use a Pebble smartwatch on an Ubuntu phone/device.

You can find it on Launchpad here:

So far this is what it looks like, I am using it with my Pebble Classic watch and it is installed on my BQ Acquaris E4.5

You  connect your Pebble watch to your Ubuntu device using bluetooth.
You can manage notifications by deciding witch ones to activate...

install apps directly from the app and manage their settings...


manage wathcfaces...


and screenshots of your Pebble dispaly that you can then share on social media, e-mail or SMS.


  1. Cool! Will it work on desktop Ubuntu?

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