Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What should I expect from the new Ubuntu Phone on Bq Aquaris E4.5 ?

While I am counting the days to next February's insiders' Ubuntu Phone launch event, I was wondering what the Bq Aquairs E4.5 was going to look like.
I have an idea having a Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Phone on it that I use as everyday phone and for testing, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some screenshots for those of you that do not have an Ubuntu Phone and are wondering how it will be.

This is the welcome screen, date and time are displayed at the top and if you have new emails, text messages, or other information, it will appear  in the center of the circle. To access your phone you swipe left of right.

After swiping you have to enter your password, If you set one.

This is the Apps scope, just after entering your password you will see it, all the installed apps will be here.

If you swipe down from the top the indicators panel will be displayed, you can display all the indicators swiping the top bar left or right and touching the indicator you want to be displayed beneath (here the network indicator is displayed).
If you swipe from the bottom the indicators panel will be closed.

If you swipe from the left you will see the launcher appear, here the default and opened apps are displayed and touching an app's icon takes you to that app, if it's opened, otherwise it opens it. 

If you swipe up from the Apps scope you will be able to manage all  the scopes deciding witch ones to  display and in what order.
You will go from one scope to another swiping from the right edge of the header.
If you tap on the upper right icon near to the "Manage" label, you will be taken to the Ubuntu store, from here you can install apps and scopes.

Swiping from the right edge also lets you display the carousel of all the open apps, from here you can tap on an app to go to it, or swipe it up or down to close it.

If you swipe from the right edge you will be taken to the previous app you were in.
And Finally  this is the System settings where you can tweak various settings.

This was just a quick peek into Ubuntu Phone.
So if you are wondering  if the Bq Aquairs E4.5  is going to look like this, just stay tuned, as soon as I have news or images of it I will write about it.


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