Friday, January 30, 2015

Ubuntu Phone Glimpse: Developers

Today as an Ubuntu Phone insider I got some more news on Ubuntu Phone, it's about Developer entry points, here it is:

Hi Insiders,

Within this Phone Glimpse we'll be looking at Developer entry points with the Ubuntu phone.

Developers can use scopes as a way to build an app-like experience at a fraction of the cost, but unlike apps, scopes become an integral part of the device's experience.

The platform barrier for developer entry has been lowered, minimising the investment to have to deliver first class experiences on the Ubuntu phone from day one. Scopes allow developers lightweight integration opportunities directly into the core OS.

There's also fully integrated support of mainstream HTML5 and mobile web sites that allow reuse of existing assets as the fastest and cheapest path to deliver an experience on the Ubuntu phone. Native apps remain an option for experiences that are unlikely to ever be suited for scopes, one example being games.

All this as we continue our goal of making Ubuntu development as streamlined and powerful as ever with the community.
The Ubuntu Phone Team

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