Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Design and Usability

So it's just 3 days to the launch event of Ubuntu Phone, I am super exited, and here are some news fron Canonical on Design and Usability:

Hi Insiders,

We hope you are well! Next up we'd like to share insights on the Design and Usability of the Ubuntu phone. 

At the heart of our campaign is the strap-line 'Life at your fingertips.' It represents the very aim of the Ubuntu phone which brings integrated content and services directly to you as you swipe and discover.

The Ubuntu phone experience was built around the following design principles:

- Intuitive user experience
- Ease of use
- Simplicity
- Freedom from barriers
- Accessibility
- Security

With usability we thought we'd go bold. There is no home screen nor home button, but fear not! As we've made it quicker and easier to find all that you want with everything just a short swipe away. All four edges of the screen can be used to easily navigate around that enables a crisp transition between open apps.

Personalisation is key. When the screen is turned on, the user is recognized by the 'Greeter' welcome screen with a personalised infographic that's displayed on the user's phone usage. The 'Greeter' evolves as the phone is used and learns more about you and your usage.

Once the phone is unlocked using a gentle swipe, the user can gain access to the phone's core features via the launcher. A short swipe from the left edge of the screen reveals the launcher and it's components:

- Scopes
- Phone dialer
- Camera
- Gallery
- Web browser
- Messaging
- Address book
- System settings

We look forward to welcoming and giving you a full demo on the usability of the phone at the Insiders event this Friday! Hopefully this information has been insightful and how you wish to use and share this information lies at your discretion.
The Ubuntu Phone Team

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